Why Mental Health Needs to be Top of your Organisation’s Priority List

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives, across the globe. In six short months the disease has shut borders, grounded planes, closed schools and cancelled thousands of events, large and small.

With the easing of lockdown on the horizon, the trauma and stress of the last few months has not been forgotten, yet we’ll soon be expected to re-enter our cities, get back on public transport and start living some elements of pre-lockdown life. Without the certainty of a vaccine anxieties will naturally be high and people’s mental health will be strained after months of isolation.

Businesses, developers and operators need clear, concise, communication strategies to ensure staff and/or residents feel safe and supported. Businesses will need to provide initiatives to support people’s mental health and provide an easily accessed area where people can find information and reach out for help. How businesses act during these uncertain times will be remembered, and we all need to work together to ensure the safe re-opening of society. 

As leaders, we need to be considering our resident’s mental health, happiness, and wellbeing. Jeremy, CEO of Spike Global comments: “Long-term social engagement to create a sense of wellbeing and identity is key to residents’ happiness. End-users feel invested, valued and better connected to their homes or workplace.”

He also adds “Many businesses claim to have a ‘people first’ approach to business. These values will be tested over the coming weeks and months, and organisations need to ensure they are actively supporting their staff and residents through these uncertain times, ensuring they are comfortable navigating through the new normal.”

Throughout-lockdown Spike software has been invaluable to users, keeping people connected, engaged and informed. Spike has helped businesses start and manage digital mental health initiatives, help forums, fundraisers, virtual get-togethers and much more. Spike was even named one of Property Week’s Top 5 Tools to get the industry through the crisis. Spike are now helping our clients with re-opening strategies and communication plans.

What plans do you have in place?

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