Resident Portal Touch-Less Solution: Pocket Living

Pocket Living, a London-based property developer that offers well-designed and affordable homes to local first-time buyers, uses Spike Global’s app-based software, Spike Living, to provide residents at its developments with a touch-less property management service. Pocket Living also uses the resident portal to connect their residents to one another, using the software to build community and encourage social interaction within their developments. 

A Touch-Less Solution 

Without the need for on-site staff, the experience is completely digital and Covid-safe. Residents are able to submit general enquiries via the app. This could be anything from advice about a local service to an issue in their home. 

Requests are directed straight through to the back-office management system where the query is logged and categorised. Staff can then reply to the query, copy in a contractor, mark as resolved or ask for more information. All communication happens through the system and goes directly to the resident app. The sophisticated system means all queries generated can be tracked, logged and analysed depending on the need of the building operator.

The software increases efficiencies and optimises workflows, empowering Pocket Living to deliver premium customer service to its residents.

“Keeping our residents connected via the app has proved invaluable during recent times. The app has enabled us to continue to build successful communities whilst providing a simple, digital solution to raise any queries that residents may have about their home.” 


Lorna Evans, Head of Customer Experience at Pocket Living.  

Creating a buzzing community 

Alongside the practical elements of a touch-less solution, the portal also keeps Pocket residents connected to each other. Pocket’s portal supports social interaction and community building through clubs and forums. Residents can find like-minded residents and chat with neighbours, or reach out for support, from the palm of their hands. 

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