Spike nominated for the Global ESG Awards 2024

We’re thrilled to share that Spike has been nominated for the CommuniCare Impact Award at the prestigious Global ESG Awards 2024, recognising Spike’s commitment to fostering positive social change within our clients’ developments and the surrounding communities. 

Our nomination highlights the significant impact we’ve achieved in enhancing community engagement, social interaction and placemaking through our innovative tenant engagement solutions. 


An example includes the work that Spike has been doing with Riverwalk Innovation Hub, a major office development situated at the heart of Citywest Business Campus in Dublin. Working closely with Bartra, Spike developed The Riverwalk Workplace app, a tailored solution designed to connect tenants, staff, and property managers seamlessly. 


The app facilitates communication, provides essential information, and fosters a sense of community among tenants. Through features such as push notifications and the online social clubs and forums, tenants can engage with each other, organise events and stay updated on campus activities. Tenants can also use the app to submit any queries they have to JLL Ireland, the managing agent, which has encouraged regular feedback on what they are enjoying the most and what they would like to see added to the campus. 


After the Covid-19 pandemic, the JLL Estate Team had the challenge of how-to encourage people back into the workplace. The app played a pivotal role by showcasing the safety measure in place and highlighting the events that were taking place across the development, such as Taco Thursday and regular fitness classes. The Riverwalk Workplace app has quickly become an integral part of the Riverwalk experience, with over 500 tenants now back in the office on a regular basis and using the app.  


Spike’s commitment to social impact extends internally as well, with the team actively participating in various fundraising events and charity initiatives. In addition, Spike fosters a diverse culture and encourages employees to celebrate their individuality. For instance, cultural holidays provide opportunities for the team to see their heritage celebrated at work, which can enable them to feel a sense of belonging, respect, and representation. All these initiatives earnt Spike a spot on The Sunday Times Best Places to Work in 2023. 


The Global ESG Awards 2024 voting is open to the public until 18th February, we invite you to support Spike by casting your vote here. 


The winner will be announced at this year’s MIPIM where the trophy presentation will take place at the Grand Auditorium Stage on Tuesday 12th of March 2024. 

Join us in championing sustainability, innovation, and positive change. Thank you for your support! 

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