Leveraging Technology to Create Healthier, Connected Communities 

In a world where connectivity is abundant, we ironically find ourselves less connected to the physical world than ever before. With 75% of residents expressing a desire to expand their social network and get to know their neighbours, it’s clear that many crave access to a connected community. Yet less than 40% feel they belong in their community.


What’s more, a recent study by the National Multifamily Housing Council found that resident satisfaction is strongly correlated with retention rates. Communities with higher resident satisfaction scores tend to experience lower turnover rates, with 75% of residents reporting that addressing wellbeing is important to community management.


With this in mind, developers are increasingly looking for ways to integrate health and wellness into their core offerings. Technology can play a crucial role in fostering this culture. Here’s how resident engagement portals like Spike Living can help build a wellness-focused community. 

1.) Facilitating communication and connection 

Online Community Clubs and Forums

Resident portals like Spike Living empower residents to meet their neighbours via online clubs and forums, then organise real-life meetups whenever they feel ready. From fitness clubs for activities like running, walking, and cycling to clubs focused on living with particular health issues, these groups encourage residents to stay active and build strong social connections. Unlike traditional social media, Spike Living can only be accessed by residents, ensuring that they are communicating with genuine neighbours without the risk of scammers and strangers.


Event Notifications 

Findings from the HomeViews Build to Rent Report 2024 indicate that residents participating in community challenges are 20% more likely to report higher levels of overall satisfaction with their living environment. By providing the ability for developers and operators to promote events directly to residents via the Spike Living app, this can increase participation by 46%, and as events can be ticketed, this allows staff to know in advance how many residents to expect.


In addition, community challenges are a fun and effective way to engage residents and promote a culture of wellness. Spike Living makes it easy to organise and manage fitness challenges such as step count competitions, cycling miles, or group workout sessions. Residents can track their progress and see how they rank against their neighbours, adding a friendly competitive element. As well as encouraging residents to participate in healthy eating challenges by sharing recipes, creating cooking workshops, and tracking participants’ progress through the portal. 

2.) Promoting Mental and Physical Health 

Access to Amenities 

According to Mind UK, there are numerous studies that reveal how physical exercise can improve mental health, from lifting moods, to improving sleep and a great way to connect with others.


By utilising  Spike Living, residents can view and book available fitness classes and amenities within a few taps, all from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Spike Living also allows amenities and fitness classes to be ticketed and chargeable, providing an additional revenue stream for property managers.


Access to Information

Recent statistics from HomeViews’ 2023 Build to Rent (BTR) report show that communities with regular health and wellness communications have a 15% higher engagement rate among residents, demonstrating the impact of consistent and valuable information on resident participation.


Resident portals like Spike Living allow developers to share regular articles, tips, and updates related to health and wellness. Whether it’s advice on maintaining a balanced diet, the benefits of regular exercise, or mental health support, these updates keep residents informed and motivated. In addition, developers can also create and schedule monthly newsletters that highlight upcoming events, success stories from residents, and new health initiatives within the community.

3.) Fostering a Sense of Belonging 

Over 80% of residents report that they want to live in a neighbourhood with a thriving array of local businesses, Spike Living’s around me feature encourages newcomers to explore their local area by providing a guide to all the places around them, and by partnering with local businesses, residents can benefit from exclusive discounts, encouraging them to fall in love with their independent chains. 


Technology plays a pivotal role in building a strong community culture around health and wellness by facilitating communication, promoting education, encouraging physical activity and mental well-being. As operators continue to navigate the demands of modern living, integrating resident engagement portals like Spike Living into their developments is not just beneficial – it’s essential.


Looking for more ideas on how to incorporate health and wellness events into your development? Download our 2024 Community Engagement Guide, which outlines numerous health and wellness related events throughout the year.

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