Resident Engagement Strategy: 6 things Your Teams Need to Consider

Resident engagement and resident satisfaction have never been higher on the priority lists of property developers, operators and managers. Many teams are taking the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate their resident engagement strategies, tools and software. To be successful, theses strategies need to have your resident at their core.

Our Customer Success Team have put together 6 questions to consider when thinking about resident engagement.

Questions For Your Teams to Consider When Thinking About Resident Engagement Strategies:

  1. Are your current tools increasing connections between staff and residents, to increase resident satisfaction?

  2. How do your residents want to interact with your staff? Face-to-face? Instant messaging? Email? Which channel gets a better response?

  3. Are queries being answered quickly enough? Do residents feel heard and supported by your staff? What tools and / or software could be used to support this?

  4. Are your current tools increasing connections between residents? How can they get to know their neighbours? How do they want to get to know neighbours? What social activity are your residents looking for?

  5. From enquiry, to move-in, to renewal, how are you adjusting your communication to make each resident feel valued? How are you delivering a premium service at each stage?

  6. Are you able to get data and feedback about all aspects of your performance to continue to deliver exceptional service? What tools and software could help you with this?

Spike Living and Resident Engagement

Spike Global delivers industry-leading software that connects people and properties to create attractive, efficient and engaging places for living, working and playing. Spike Living has all the features and flexibility you need to delight your residents and empower your staff, with a bespoke residential app and a fully operational management dashboard.

Spike Living consistently delivers market-leading results across key metrics including resident engagement and retention. Our software allows you to streamline building management, deliver a thriving community, drive actionable insights and increase the value of your assets.

To find out more about Spike Living download our brochure below.

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