How Spike Living can reduce operating costs and exceed ESG obligations

Given both the current housing crisis and tough economic climate, as well as the shift towards more sustainable practices, the real estate sector now more than ever needs solutions to meet this challenging environment. What’s more, buildings with better sustainability credentials are achieving markedly higher capital values and rents according to recent research by JLL.


Here’s how Spike Living, Spike’s award-winning tenant portal, can help investors, developers, operators, and property managers alike reduce operational costs, exceed ESG obligations and enhance the tenant experience.

Reduce Operational Costs and Enhance Operational Efficiency

Streamline Maintenance Reporting

One of the most time-consuming parts of a property manager’s job is the handling of maintenance issues, with minor issues turning into major ones if they aren’t dealt with quickly and efficiently. 


Spike Living speeds up communication in these instances and allows tenants to quickly provide your staff with a clear idea of the task ahead. Tenants are even able to attach photos of the issue giving your maintenance staff the opportunity to diagnose the fault ahead of time and increasing the likelihood of fixing the issue on their first visit.

Automate the Booking Process

With onsite amenity spaces becoming the new norm in developments, having an easy way for tenants to book and interact with these spaces without requiring staff interaction increases the probability of them being used.


By enabling tenants to book a meeting room, gym slot, cinema space or sign up for a class or event via the Spike Living tenant app, this turns what could be an archaic process into a seamless experience, encouraging tenants to spend more time enjoying the spaces and freeing up staff.

Securely Manage Documentation

Important documentation like signed contracts, health and safety policies, welcome packs and instruction manuals can be stored digitally and securely within Spike Living.


This makes contracts and vital information easily accessible, with notifications able to be sent to tenants whenever there are newer versions needing to be reviewed and acknowledged, allowing for full traceability.

Simplify Parcel Management

Having an easy and efficient way to manage deliveries is becoming increasingly important as global online retail sales are expected to reach £515 trillion by 2023, with the growing volume of packages now being delivered to homes.


By using Spike Living, staff scan packages as they arrive which will then send a notification to the relevant tenant informing them that a package is ready to be collected. This saves staff from having to manually message tenants individually, reducing parcel processing time by up to 75%.  

Drive Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Monitoring

Spike has partnered with Utopi to enable tenants to view their own energy usage and track their progress towards reducing their consumption in the Spike Living portal. Examples include the amount of energy used compared with others living in a similar-sized apartment, the amount of carbon used, or how much energy is saved by turning the heating down by one click.


This transparency encourages tenants to adopt more sustainable behaviours, with research showing that this can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%.


Investors, developers, and operators are also able to use this data to set targets for reduction in consumption and spot outliers and poor-performing tenants, allowing managers to offer advice and support, as well as highlight potential maintenance issues.

ESG Reporting

Spike Living not only provides tenants with a centralised platform to access information about their building and communicate with management but also provides an opportunity for operators to report on their own impact and the initiatives they are undertaking, such as switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, replacing communal lights to use energy-efficient light bulbs, as well as openly responding to feedback from tenants.


Spike Living enables staff to share and promote information about local recycling programs, green transportation options, and energy-saving tips directly with tenants. By providing easy access to this information, tenants become more informed and inspired to act.

Create Positive Social Impact and Community Building

Community Engagement

Spike Living allows operators and property managers to promote in-house and local events, as well as encourage tenants to get to know one another over via online clubs and forums, all helping to foster a sense of community among tenants. This can lead to better relationships, improved tenant satisfaction, and importantly promotes tenancy renewals reducing voids and saving operators turnover costs.


What’s more many of Spike’s clients team up with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts to their tenants on anything from cleaning services and dog walkers to local bars and restaurants. All of these added-value services can be promoted and driven through Spike Living.

Partner with Spike

By embracing technology solutions like Spike Living investors and operators can reduce operational costs by empowering staff to be more efficient, whilst at the same time enhancing the tenant experience by providing greater transparency and ease of access to information and amenities, helping to create thriving communities.


Book a demo today to learn how Spike Living can reduce your operating costs and exceed ESG obligations.

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