Eurofund Group and Spike Join Forces to Enhance the Co-Living Experience

Eurofund Group, the international investment and development company, has partnered with Spike to utilise its tenant engagement portal, Spike Living, at Tribu, its first co-living development.


Tribu, located in Kingston-upon-Thames, a historic district in Southwest London, offers 63 boutique studios, designed to cater to both students and young professionals seeking a more sophisticated way of living. The development features state-of-the-art amenities, including a coworking space, rooftop terrace, cinema room, communal kitchens, and dining areas, all aimed at fostering a vibrant community.


Eurofund Group worked with Spike to create the Tribu app, a white-labelled version of its Spike Living portal designed to serve as a comprehensive platform for tenants and staff alike.


The Tribu app streamlines communication by simplifying the defect reporting and parcel management processes, as well as making the sharing of important documentation such as key policies, building regulations and appliance manuals easier.


By automating routine tasks, staff can devote more time and attention to providing exceptional customer service, which is a fundamental aspect of Tribu’s success.


The Tribu app also acts as a secure social network, allowing tenants to participate in social activities, access in-house services and events, as well as connecting tenants with others in the building who share similar interests.


Jonny Wootten, Marketing Director at Spike comments: “We are thrilled to partner with Eurofund Group to enhance the Tribu living experience. By leveraging our tenant engagement portal, Spike Living, Eurofund Group are able to transform the way tenants interact with their living spaces and foster a vibrant community within Tribu.” 


Dan Sanford, CEO at Tribu, Eurofund Group comments: “Spike has an unrivalled expertise in the market, with a proven track record of successfully implementing innovative solutions that address complex business challenges. Spike’s ability to seamlessly integrate its solutions with third-party services and providers is truly remarkable, and we look forward to continuing to roll out Spike Living across future schemes.”

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