Community Engagement Growth Across Spike

Since February – the last month prior to lockdown – engagement on Spike Living saw over a sevenfold increase in the volume of posts, shares and interactions (March; 712%, April; 680%), covering community outreach, social forums, events and bookings, from a cross-section of our portals. 

Our Community Engagement team have been working with clients to ensure their residents are supported throughout these uncertain times and to ensure they still feel a part of a thriving community, albeit a socially distanced community. We’ve seen everything from balcony workouts to pizza parties, from wellness workshops to charity bake sales organised and advertised through our portals. As the data shows these initiatives have been extremely well received.

As leaders we need to be considering resident and staff mental health, happiness and wellbeing. Long-term social engagement to create a sense of wellbeing and identity is key to this happiness. Spike Living delivers exact that.  End users feel invested, valued and better connected to their homes or work places.

We form long-term partnerships with our client’s to help them move into this new age of community management. At Spike we offer more than just technology solutions, we work with our clients to improve their community engagement strategies to achieve their KPIs. We make it our business to understand how communities interact and we share these insights with our clients.

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