Spike is Shortlisted for The UK PropTech Association Social Impact Award 2023

Spike is thrilled to be shortlisted for this year’s UK PropTech Awards in the ‘Social Impact’ category which celebrates companies leveraging technology solutions to positively benefit society and enhance people’s lives, whilst emphasising wellbeing and staff engagement in social impact interventions. This nomination stands as a testament to our commitment to creating thriving communities across the developments that use Spike.

Leveraging Technology for Social Change

Our award-winning resident engagement portal, Spike Living, provides a user-friendly platform that facilitates community engagement, social interaction, and placemaking, ensuring residents feel connected to their surroundings.



Recent statistics have revealed that the more friends a resident has within their building, the more likely they are to renew their tenancy. Without any friends living in their community, residents only have a 29% chance of renewing. That number jumps to 38% if they have 1-3 friends, and if they have 7 or more friends, there’s a 47% likelihood that they’ll renew. 



What’s more, it’s been reported that loneliness is up 40%, according to a report published by the Office for National Statistics. When residents first move into their new accommodation, it is likely that they will be unfamiliar with the surrounding area and may not have made friends or met many people. Through Spike Living, residents can effortlessly connect, discover local services, and initiate friendships, addressing the increasing issue of loneliness and the initial challenges residents face when settling into a new environment. 


Spike Living isn’t just limited to fostering friendships, it also acts as a central information hub. Residents and property management can digitally communicate to share information, access building manuals, as well as residents being able track their own energy consumption through our partnership with Utopi, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and efficient community. 

Ensuring Equality and Employee Wellbeing 

Spike’s commitment to social impact also extends internally. Spike prioritises a workplace culture where staff feel valued, respected, and have avenues to voice their concerns. The company actively nurtures a culture of inclusivity and employee wellbeing. Initiatives such as fostering a diverse work environment and celebrating cultural holidays have created a sense of belonging and respect among our staff. 


We also take pride in our gender-inclusive practices through participating in initiatives such as International Women’s Day and Men’s Mental Health Day. We’re proud to have built a cohesive work environment that encourages individuality and camaraderie. 


At the start of 2023, we also introduced a ‘Charity of the Year’ initiative, empowering employees to select a charity to support. By engaging in various fundraising events, beach clean-ups, through partnering with Dorset Mind, we not only support the chosen charity but also share wellness initiatives across our client communities. 

Recognition and Growth

Our commitment to our employees recently earned us a spot on The Sunday Times Best Places to Work in 2023 list, recognising organisations with the highest employee engagement and wellbeing levels.


We achieved an overall engagement score of 87%, 11% higher than the industry average. We also scored highly across the key categories for employee engagement and workplace happiness including reward and recognition, instilling pride, sharing information, employee wellbeing, and job satisfaction.


Spike’s solutions exemplify how technology can be harnessed to create thriving, interconnected communities. Our nomination for the UK PropTech Awards 2023 – Social Impact award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to social good and community building through innovative tech solutions, regardless of the outcome.  


To view the full shortlist of nominees for the UK PropTech Awards 2023, visit the official website here.


How housebuilders can enhance communication and experience for owners

Homebuyers today have higher expectations regarding the quality of their homes. They also expect builders to address any issues promptly and provide excellent customer service. This ongoing relationship is vital for customer satisfaction and the reputation of the builder.


Housebuilders therefore need to adopt a customer-first mindset and focus on long-term relationships with buyers. With that mind, here’s how resident portals like Spike Living can play a part in enhancing communication and experience for owners and the benefits they can bring to housebuilders.

Simplifying the Snagging Process

Typically, the reporting of snagging issues is cumbersome and difficult for owners, with 45% of homeowners dissatisfied with the snagging process according to research by the Homeowners Alliance.  More often or not, owners use emails, WhatsApp messages or text messages to report issues. With sporadic messages and the use of different channels, this makes it difficult for housebuilders to keep track of what’s been submitted and even harder to keep owners updated on the progress. Not to mention making it almost impossible to track against SLAs and performance metrics for response times.  


Having a portal like Spike Living in place can speed up the reporting of issues in these instances, with owners able to quickly provide staff with a clear picture of the problem, and even attach photos so staff can diagnose the fault ahead of time. This increases the likelihood of fixing the issue in their first visit and reduces response times by 30%. Housebuilders can also benefit from Spike Living’s powerful reporting module, allowing them to spot any wider issues to do with material defectives or poor workmanship such as faulty taps or leaking showers. 

Sharing of Documentation 

When a new owner moves into a property, they are often confronted with mountains of paperwork which can easily get misplaced or mislaid. By using a resident portal like Spike Living key homeowner documentation such as policies, certifications and appliance guides can be digitalised and shared directly and securely with owners. This helps reduce the amount of printed paperwork and provides an easy way for owners to keep up to date with the latest versions. 


Housebuilders can also share Frequently Asked Questions, providing useful information for homeowners such as where to find the stopcock or bin collection days. Having all this information readily accessible means that more often or not, owners can find the information they need themselves, whenever they need it. 

Focus on Long-Term Relationships

It can be hard for housebuilders to maintain connections with owners once they move into a property. Resident portals like Spike Living enables housebuilders to continue a dialogue long after owners have moved in. This allows them to nurture the relationship and start to promote other developments that they are building or have launched, ensuring that if there is a future need for the owner to upsize, downsize or relocate, then they are more likely to consider your development over others.  


What’s more, Spike’s partnership with HomeViews allows owners to share their experience and leave feedback about the housebuilder and what it’s like living in a particular development. With research revealing that 95% of today’s consumers read reviews before they make a purchase, having positive feedback from owners can go a long way in promoting the development.

Facilitating Community Engagement

Unlike high-rise developments where people naturally meet in lobbies or lifts, with traditional housing developments there is limited or no communal space which can make it difficult for neighbours to get to know one another. Therefore, it’s no surprise that loneliness can be more of a problem for newcomers moving into houses.

Resident portals like Spike Living provide ways for these owners to meet their neighbours in the virtual world first, via various online clubs and forums, then organise real-life events if they so wish. This can be especially helpful for young parents who may feel isolated. This digital community-building enhances the sense of belonging, encouraging owners to become active participants in shaping their communities.


Resident portals also serve as a virtual town square, allowing owners to voice their opinions and preferences regarding local initiatives. This can make communication between owners, housebuilders, and local authorities much more transparent, helping to build trust and ensuring that residents are informed about ongoing placemaking projects. 


In addition, the ‘what’s around me’ feature in Spike Living can highlight local shops and services, reducing the anxiety around moving to a new location and provide much-needed visibility to smaller businesses, encouraging owners to explore what’s on their doorsteps. Housebuilders can also partner with local retailers to offer owners exclusive discounts and incentives, all promoted via their residents’ portal.

Spike in Action

Spike recently worked with Baxter Homes to roll out a resident engagement portal across their developments. By utilising Spike Living this has enabled Baxter to streamline its approach to customer service and reduce its reliance on paper-based systems. By providing its purchasers with a one-stop app, owners are able to easily and quickly report defects and snagging issues, access key information in a centralised and secure place, receive important updates from across the development, as well as communicate directly with the aftercare team.


Owners also have access to an interactive social hub where they can get to know their new neighbours and the local area, helping them to settle in much quicker. 


Resident portals offer numerous advantages to housebuilders by improving communication, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing owner satisfaction. For homeowners, it can help take away the stress in what is often considered one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, allowing them to meet their neighbours more easily and helping them to settle in much quicker. 


Placemaking: How technology can help foster vibrant communities

Placemaking has transformed from a mere buzzword to an indispensable strategy for creating thriving and sustainable communities. In a dynamic landscape where supply and demand continually shape the real estate sector, it’s more than constructing buildings; it’s about creating environments that foster a sense of belonging, identity, and community. “We shape buildings”, Winston Churchill once argued, “and then, they shape us”.

The Significance of Placemaking

All too often placemaking is viewed as a luxury, something nice but not essential to a development’s success. Recent praise from Housing Secretary Michael Gove regarding a new checklist that rates the placemaking quality of developments underlines the growing importance of this concept. The reality is, placemaking can generate a big return on investment. 


A well-designed, community-focused development makes it more likely that potential residents will not only choose a development over others but also remain living there. According to a survey conducted by the National Multifamily Housing Council, communities with strong placemaking initiatives saw a 7% increase in resident retention rates. 


Furthermore, developments with thriving communal spaces, and a strong sense of identity tend to increase in value more rapidly than those lacking these elements. As property values increase, both investors and residents can benefit. The Urban Land Institute reported that residential properties located within walking distance of well-designed public spaces and amenities can command up to 20% higher rental and sales prices. 

How Resident Portals Facilitate Placemaking

In the digital age, technology has emerged as a powerful tool to facilitate placemaking. Here’s how resident portals play a pivotal role in creating vibrant communities. 

Fostering Community Connection

Placemaking often involves community events and gatherings. Resident portals can help in organising and promoting these events, making it easier for residents to participate. Developments that have implemented resident engagement portals have reported a 20% increase in resident participation in community events and initiatives.


Resident portals also provide residents with a central place to connect with their neighbours, share experiences, and organise events or activities. This digital community-building enhances the sense of belonging, encouraging residents to become active participants in shaping their communities. 


What’s more, latest ONS data has revealed that those aged between 16-29 are over twice as likely to report feeling lonely often or always than those over 70.  Having solutions like Spike Living in place allows residents to easily connect and find others in their local community that share similar interests and hobbies. 


Resident portals also serve as a virtual town square, allowing residents to voice their opinions and preferences regarding local initiatives. This can make communication between residents, property management, and local authorities much more transparent, helping to build trust and ensuring that residents are informed about ongoing placemaking projects. 

Simplifying Communication

Effective communication is crucial in maintaining a thriving community. Resident portals make it easier for residents to report issues, request maintenance, and receive updates on community news, as well as be kept informed about safety policies and important information, creating a more responsive living experience.


Research by Zego found that developments that use resident engagement portals experience a 30% reduction in response times for maintenance requests, leading to higher resident satisfaction. 


Spike Living acts as a central communication hub, boasting a multitude of ways to enhance communication in developments, whether it’s messaging between staff and residents, or serving as an exclusive and safe form of social media, with residents getting to know their neighbours through a mobile app. 

Access to Amenities and Services

Through resident portals, residents can access information about local amenities and services. This information empowers residents to explore and make the most of their community. Developments that have resident portals in place have reported a 25% increase in amenity utilisation, leading to higher resident satisfaction.
Spike Living serves as a gateway to a range of amenities and services within the community. Residents can easily book facilities, find local businesses, and access exclusive offers, all from the palm of their hands, enhancing their overall living experience. 

Achieve ESG and Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is a key aspect of modern placemaking. Recent research into what modern renters and homeowners want from their living environment found that 80% of respondents said it was important that their home has sustainability credentials when considering a new place to live.


Resident portals like Spike Living can connect residents with other like-minded neighbours via various online clubs and forums. Creating a place where residents can share their own useful tips, and organise their own community events such as neighbourhood clean-ups or volunteer days, helps to instil a sense of togetherness and collective focus.  


Research by Spike, ASK4 and Utopi found that investing in developing a community not only enhances the resident experience – it can also lead to better outcomes. Residents are more likely to behave in a way that benefits the collective good if they feel an attachment to the people, place, and community in which they live, something that resident portals can help with.


Placemaking is a dynamic process that goes beyond traditional urban planning. It involves the active participation of residents, a commitment to cultural identity, and a focus on creating safe, sustainable, and inviting spaces. Resident portals such as Spike Living serve as a valuable tool in this process, enabling community engagement, transparency, and information sharing. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, those who prioritise placemaking and invest in their communities will undoubtedly come out ahead. 


How Spike Living can reduce operating costs and exceed ESG obligations

Given both the current housing crisis and tough economic climate, as well as the shift towards more sustainable practices, the real estate sector now more than ever needs solutions to meet this challenging environment. What’s more, buildings with better sustainability credentials are achieving markedly higher capital values and rents according to recent research by JLL.


Here’s how Spike Living, Spike’s award-winning tenant portal, can help investors, developers, operators, and property managers alike reduce operational costs, exceed ESG obligations and enhance the tenant experience.

Reduce Operational Costs and Enhance Operational Efficiency

Streamline Maintenance Reporting

One of the most time-consuming parts of a property manager’s job is the handling of maintenance issues, with minor issues turning into major ones if they aren’t dealt with quickly and efficiently. 


Spike Living speeds up communication in these instances and allows tenants to quickly provide your staff with a clear idea of the task ahead. Tenants are even able to attach photos of the issue giving your maintenance staff the opportunity to diagnose the fault ahead of time and increasing the likelihood of fixing the issue on their first visit.

Automate the Booking Process

With onsite amenity spaces becoming the new norm in developments, having an easy way for tenants to book and interact with these spaces without requiring staff interaction increases the probability of them being used.


By enabling tenants to book a meeting room, gym slot, cinema space or sign up for a class or event via the Spike Living tenant app, this turns what could be an archaic process into a seamless experience, encouraging tenants to spend more time enjoying the spaces and freeing up staff.

Securely Manage Documentation

Important documentation like signed contracts, health and safety policies, welcome packs and instruction manuals can be stored digitally and securely within Spike Living.


This makes contracts and vital information easily accessible, with notifications able to be sent to tenants whenever there are newer versions needing to be reviewed and acknowledged, allowing for full traceability.

Simplify Parcel Management

Having an easy and efficient way to manage deliveries is becoming increasingly important as global online retail sales are expected to reach £515 trillion by 2023, with the growing volume of packages now being delivered to homes.


By using Spike Living, staff scan packages as they arrive which will then send a notification to the relevant tenant informing them that a package is ready to be collected. This saves staff from having to manually message tenants individually, reducing parcel processing time by up to 75%.  

Drive Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Monitoring

Spike has partnered with Utopi to enable tenants to view their own energy usage and track their progress towards reducing their consumption in the Spike Living portal. Examples include the amount of energy used compared with others living in a similar-sized apartment, the amount of carbon used, or how much energy is saved by turning the heating down by one click.


This transparency encourages tenants to adopt more sustainable behaviours, with research showing that this can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%.


Investors, developers, and operators are also able to use this data to set targets for reduction in consumption and spot outliers and poor-performing tenants, allowing managers to offer advice and support, as well as highlight potential maintenance issues.

ESG Reporting

Spike Living not only provides tenants with a centralised platform to access information about their building and communicate with management but also provides an opportunity for operators to report on their own impact and the initiatives they are undertaking, such as switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, replacing communal lights to use energy-efficient light bulbs, as well as openly responding to feedback from tenants.


Spike Living enables staff to share and promote information about local recycling programs, green transportation options, and energy-saving tips directly with tenants. By providing easy access to this information, tenants become more informed and inspired to act.

Create Positive Social Impact and Community Building

Community Engagement

Spike Living allows operators and property managers to promote in-house and local events, as well as encourage tenants to get to know one another over via online clubs and forums, all helping to foster a sense of community among tenants. This can lead to better relationships, improved tenant satisfaction, and importantly promotes tenancy renewals reducing voids and saving operators turnover costs.


What’s more many of Spike’s clients team up with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts to their tenants on anything from cleaning services and dog walkers to local bars and restaurants. All of these added-value services can be promoted and driven through Spike Living.

Partner with Spike

By embracing technology solutions like Spike Living investors and operators can reduce operational costs by empowering staff to be more efficient, whilst at the same time enhancing the tenant experience by providing greater transparency and ease of access to information and amenities, helping to create thriving communities.


Book a demo today to learn how Spike Living can reduce your operating costs and exceed ESG obligations.


A Look Back on Our Charity Initiatives – April to June 2023

At the start of this year, Spike selected Dorset Mind as its Charity of the Year for 2023. 

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset Mind educates, challenges mental health stigma and inequality; and encourages recovery by empowering people to develop resilience. Their 1-2-1 and group support includes befriending, counselling, groups, and mentoring for adults and young people. Their training team delivers educational wellbeing for workplaces including the official Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). They also have numerous volunteering opportunities across the charity. 

After the success of our first quarter initiatives, we’re proud to have continued into Q2 with the same energy, taking part in more events and internal activities this past quarter. We’ve also incorporated mental health awareness into our digital content, including our Mental Health Awareness Week blog focusing on supporting anxiety in residential developments, and event suggestions inspired by Dorset Mind’s key event dates, such as Pride Month, World Environment Day, and World Meditation Day into our 2023 monthly Community Engagement Guides.

Sherborne Country Fair Dragon Boat Racing – May 2023

The Sherborne County Fair Dragon Boat Race was our second major fundraising initiative of the year, which took place on the 29th of May 2023.


Our rowing team consisted of 17 members of staff, friends and family who picked up oars to raise funds and awareness of mental health in our communities, in a fun competition against many different organisations. It was a brilliant day, and we had so much fun dipping in and out of Dorset Mind’s rowing teams as well as our own Spike team to try and race for the fastest times.

Rowing was harder than it looked, but the team persevered and we learned a lot about teamwork, communication and pace, finishing with some respectable times for our first attempt, including a win for Team Spike in the first race! It was great catching up with many of our friends from the Dorset Mind team who also gave us some useful tips and hints from their experience at last year’s competition.


We’re thrilled to announce that we exceeded our £500 target, raising £772 towards funding Dorset Mind’s mental health programs and activities. These programs include mentoring and support for children, young people and adults, as well as training for more volunteers to help support our local community.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our fundraiser, and to all colleagues, family and friends who came to take part – we can’t wait for next year’s competition! 

World Environment Day Beach Clean Up – June 2023

Through our partnership with Dorset Mind, we’re proud to be organising a variety of activities aimed towards keeping our staff mentally healthy.


Following the enthusiasm from our first beach clean up last quarter which everyone loved, World Environment Day, which took place on the 5th of June, was an opportune time for our next scheduled beach clean. We followed Dorset Mind’s ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing‘ framework, developed by the New Economics Foundation, which addresses core elements such as connection, staying active, taking notice of our surroundings, trying something new, and giving back. 

The team managed to clean up a considerable amount of the beach before we headed back to the office. Every year, 11 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 200 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments. It was eye-opening to see the amount of litter which gets left on the beach during peak summer months, from plastic bottles to 6 pack beverage rings, these seemingly harmless bits of rubbish are notorious for entangling and causing harm to marine animals, and can often lead to the damage of ecosystems. 

Many of the team returned feeling proud of the positive impact they had on our local environment, and refreshed after a peaceful morning outside. Not to mention treated to coffee and cake after a productive morning!

What Have We Planned for Q3?

Spike are proud of our charity initiatives to date, whether hands on or incorporated into our digital content, and we can’t wait to take part in more activities in Q3!

Next quarter, we’re excited to be taking part in another fundraising event, as well as more beach clean ups! In addition to events, keep an eye out for our content focusing on mental wellness, including Women’s Health Week, International Happiness at Work Week and more!

You can learn more about Dorset Mind and find ways to support the work they are doing here.


Leading PropTech Company, Spike, Recognised as Sunday Times Best Place to Work

Spike has been named as one of The Sunday Times Best Places to Work in 2023. The prestigious award, voted by staff, recognises organisations with the highest employee engagement and wellbeing levels.

Based in Bournemouth and employing 32 staff, the company was recognised in the small organisation category for companies with 10-47 employees, achieving an overall engagement score of 87%, 11% higher than the industry average. Spike also scored highly across the key categories for employee engagement and workplace happiness including reward and recognition, instilling pride, sharing information, employee wellbeing, and job satisfaction.

Commenting on the award Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike, said: “I am extremely proud that Spike has been recognised as a Sunday Times Best Places to Work. We are committed to providing a healthy work-life balance for employees, and have developed a strong, collaborative team culture. We’ve gone from strength to strength over the last few years and have an exciting future ahead of us, which is testament to all the hard work and dedication the entire team puts in.”

Spike is the leading property management and tenant engagement software provider, with its solutions being used daily in more than 200 buildings across the UK.

Spike Lettings, its tenancy management solution, allows prospective tenants to easily browse and find available apartments online, make an initial enquiry, and progress through the reservation stage, all the way through to moving in. Whilst its tenant engagement portal, Spike Living, provides tenants with one simple, intuitive app, allowing them to communicate with building management and with each other – making life easier in a multitude of ways. From booking onsite amenities and services to reporting maintenance issues, the portal makes routine communication quick and easy.

The Sunday Times Best Places to Work recognises and celebrates the best employers in the UK based on feedback from employees and an independent assessment of workplace culture, leadership, and employee engagement and wellbeing.

For more information about Best Places to Work visit:


Tech-Enabled Community Living – Not Just Fiction

For viewers of the multi-award-winning TV series Succession, its ‘Living+’ episode aired a few weeks ago, showcasing a very familiar concept that was embraced by investors amidst a whirlwind of excitement.

Living+ was presented as a luxury living community; a planned residential project described as bringing “the cruise-ship experience to dry land.” A real estate venture aimed at senior citizens promising a “safe, secure community enriched with integrated interactions with the cherished family of Waystar’s movie and TV characters.” All brought together by a fully integrated mobile app, allowing residents to enjoy and consume everything that is on offer both within and outside the development.

For outsiders, this concept may seem lightyears ahead, however, for many within the real estate sector, this tech-enabled community living is already here.

The senior living sector has started to embrace technology solutions to enhance the experience of its residents, with forward-thinking retirement operators already rolling out our Spike Living portal. We see Living+ however, as more akin to the BTR sector. BTR accounted for a record share of volume in Q1 2023, according to property consultants Lambert Smith Hampton’s latest UK Investment Transactions (UKIT) report.

Living+ looks to capture and create a sense of community amongst residents, with technology playing an integral part, something that BTR has achieved successfully already, thanks to resident engagement portals like Spike Living.

By helping residents to feel better connected to where they live, this increases the likelihood that they will feel more attached and responsible to their local community. Participation in social and community life not only has benefits in retaining residents, research by Apartment Life found that the more friends a resident has within their building, the more likely they are to renew their tenancy. Similarly, Kingfisher’s The GoodHome Report found that 73% of people who are happy with their home are also happy in general, with a happy home accounting for 15% of our overall happiness.

Whilst Living+ may have been presented as the future, residents can experience the benefits of tech-enabled community living now.

Spike Living facilitates the building of communities, allowing people to connect with one another and bond over similar interests, with access to property managers at a tap of a button.

Learn how our solutions could work for you. Request a one-to-one demo below!


5 Ways to Support Residents With Their Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (15th – 21st May), with this year’s theme being anxiety.

We all feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety is a natural response to the uncertain world around us. With the current cost-of-living crisis, more than a third of adults are feeling anxious about their financial situations. Furthermore, in a recent mental health survey that was carried out around stress and anxiety over personal finances, six in ten adults said they felt so anxious that it stopped them from doing the things they want to do.

It’s therefore vitally important that building operators and property managers are able to recognise the signs of anxiety, and are able to provide appropriate support when needed. Warning signs could include a change in a residents’ behaviour, late payments, or a change in appearance, indicating that someone may possibly be vulnerable or going through a difficult time.


Our 2023 charity partner, Dorset Mind, has provided a ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ framework, as a way to encourage a healthier lifestyle. This consists of ‘connect‘, ‘get active‘, ‘take notice‘, ‘learn‘ and ‘give‘. This simple, tried and tested framework can offer many opportunities for residents to take their minds away from stressful situations that are out of their control and provide focus on what they can do.

Here are 5 tips on what property managers can be doing to help support residents, inspired by the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ framework:

1.) Take notice – Communicate with residents to ensure they are aware that support is available should they need it

Anxiety can lead us to believe that we are alone in our personal struggles, and often, residents may feel unsure how to ask for help. By letting them know that support is available, they can feel reassured that they do not need to suffer alone.


For instance, resident portals such as Spike Living, can provide an easy and quick way for residents to ask for help. Rather than needing to leave the comfort and security of their home, they can directly message their property manager who can then assess and provide the appropriate support. Some of our clients have even added a ‘HELP’ button to their portal to enable residents to alert staff if they need help urgently.

2.) Connect and Give – Create community forums and support groups

Across our client base, we’ve seen many online forums created, from encouraging gratitude and positivity to general social clubs, enabling residents to build real-life support networks right on their doorsteps. Having dedicated community forums and support groups can give residents a ‘safe space’ to discuss their worries, and seek guidance. As the saying goes, ‘a problem shared is a problem solved’.


Participation in social and community life has attracted a lot of attention in the field of wellbeing research. Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

By utilising a resident engagement portal, such as Spike Living, property managers can provide a secure and safe place online that is only accessible by genuine residents, ensuring that residents are not at risk from scammers and strangers.

Property Managers can also use the Spike Living portal to provide dedicated wellness resources to residents such as how to sleep with anxiety, managing emotional wellbeing as well as mindfulness techniques.

3.) Connect – Encourage residents to take part in community events

Whether it’s a coffee and chat morning, or in-person social networking, providing residents with opportunities to combat loneliness and isolation can bring residents together in difficult times.

When anxiety can often make residents feel lonely, opportunities to make friends can make tough times easier to manage.

Download our 2023 Community Engagement Guide for resident event inspiration!

4.) Learn – Encourage residents to try something new

Arts and crafts sessions, mixology workshops and more. Inspiring residents to take up a new skill or a hobby is a great way to build self-esteem and encourage more social interaction.

Opportunities to engage in educational activities can particularly help to relieve anxiety, and the practice of setting goals, has been strongly associated with higher levels of wellbeing.

Spread awareness of these events and workshops via the Spike Living portal to increase attendance!

5.) Be active – Get residents involved in fitness and wellness classes

According to Mind UK, a number of studies reveal how physical exercise can help relieve anxiety and improve mental health, not to mention lifting moods, and improving sleep. As well as being a great way to connect with others.


Fitness doesn’t need to be strenuous: yoga and meditation classes can be a great way to introduce residents to a healthier lifestyle. One of our clients introduced ‘Meditate Mondays’, which to date has been attended by over 4,000 residents.


By utilising Spike Living, residents can view and book available fitness classes within a few taps, all from the comfort and convenience of their homes.


It’s becoming increasingly important to encourage open discussions, helping to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

By ensuring that residents feel supported and cared for in their communities during difficult times, this not only dramatically enhances the resident experience, which is arguably one of the most important elements of any property offering, but also increases the likelihood that they will renew their tenancy.

For more information and ideas on how to support residents, see Dorset Mind’s helpful resources and Anxiety UK


A Look Back on our Charity Initiatives – January to April 2023

At the start of this year, Spike selected Dorset Mind as its Charity of the Year for 2023. 


Based in Bournemouth, Dorset Mind educates, challenges mental health stigma and inequality; and encourages recovery by empowering people to develop resilience. Their 1-2-1 and group support includes befriending, counselling, groups, and mentoring for adults and young people. Their training team delivers educational wellbeing for workplaces including the official Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). They also have numerous volunteering opportunities across the charity. 


Connecting communities and bringing people together is at the heart of what we do here at Spike. This year, as a company, we committed to taking part in a number of fundraising events and volunteering initiatives to enable Dorset Mind to continue to raise awareness and provide support for mental health in our communities, whilst at the same time organising a variety of activities aimed towards keeping our staff mentally healthy. 


Now, four months later, we’re proud to reflect back on our charity initiatives which have not only brought us a huge sense of accomplishment but also closer as a company, whilst growing our relationship with our neighbours and friends at Dorset Mind.

Beach Clean Up – March 2023

Our beach clean-up was our first organised charity activity, and many of our staff volunteered their time to pick up litter on Bournemouth beach. We followed Dorset Mind’s ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing‘ framework, developed by the New Economics Foundation, which addresses core elements such as connection, staying active, taking notice of our surroundings, trying something new, and giving back. 


There are many wellbeing benefits to staff beach clean ups, including enabling staff to give back to their local community, building connections with one another whilst simultaneously enjoying the outdoors, and staying active. It was a morning that was enjoyed by all, and our staff returned to the office with the feeling of accomplishment and having had a great opportunity to spend time with the wider team.

Bournemouth Bay Run – April 2023

The Bournemouth Bay Run 2023 was our first fundraising initiative, and five members of the team took on the challenge! This year, #TeamSpike consisted of Nick, Vicky, and Josh tackling the half marathon, whilst Jonny took on the 10km route, and Sriya the 5km route. Each runner committed themselves to weeks of arduous training, never giving up despite injuries, illnesses, and exhaustion.

Donning neon orange, inspired by the Bournemouth Bay Run’s 40th anniversary 80’s theme, the team all beat their personal targets and raised a considerable amount of money for Dorset Mind. Our office was proud to support and cheer on our team in orange as they crossed the finishing line! We even caught our team in the Bournemouth Echo!

We were initially hoping to raise £500, but through the generosity and kindness of our community, friends, and family, we exceeded our target and raised over £2,500! What’s more, our fundraising page was named one of the most successful JustGiving pages of the month, a huge achievement as our first official fundraising initiative! 


Thank you so much to everyone who supported and donated to our fundraiser! Your generosity will be going towards saving the lives of children and adults suffering from mental health in our local communities, ensuring they receive the support and guidance they need from Dorset Mind.

What Have We Planned for Q2?

After the success of our first quarter initiatives, we’re excited to bring the same energy and focus into Q2, with Team Spike taking on the Dragon Boat Race at the Sherbourne Castle Country Fair on the 29th May 2023, as well as our second beach clean-up with the support of Dorset Mind and local volunteers on the 5th June for World Environment Day!


Alongside this, we’re excited to be partnering up with Dorset Mind to write monthly blogs and content directed at helping those in the real estate sector to support their staff and residents, relating to key dates such as Mental Health Awareness Week focusing on anxiety, World Meditation Day, Men’s Health Week and more! 


You can learn more about Dorset Mind and find ways to support the work they are doing here.


Spike are #EmbracingEquity this International Women’s Day 2023 

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of it’s women, and deprives itself of the contribution of half it’s citizens.” – Michelle Obama

It’s International Women’s Day 2023, and with this year’s theme being #EmbraceEquity, tying in with the UN Women’s theme of “DigitALL: innovation and technology for women”, we’re celebrating and spotlighting all our Spike women!

IWD 2023’s call to ‘embrace equity’ suggests an active willingness to accept, adopt and support gender equity across wellbeing, employment and technology. Following this theme, the United Nations Observance of IWD recognises and celebrates the women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology.

According to the UN, bringing women and other marginalised groups into technology results in more creative solutions, and has greater potential for innovations that meet women’s needs and promote gender equality. According to Tech Nation, nearly three million people, or 9% of the UK workforce are employed in the UK tech industry. But women only make up 26% of the tech workforce. Many are driven out of the industry through burnout, gender biases, toxic aspects of “bro-culture” and a lack of work-life balance. A recent PwC study also indicates only 3% of women say a career in technology is their first-choice career.

So, what have we done to embrace equity at Spike? 

  • We’re encouraging transparent communication and encouraging our female team to voice their thoughts, and ensuring we always get their perspective, including them in high level discussions or 1-to-1s.
  • We’re accommodating those who have family commitments, ensuring there is no fear of penalisation, through enabling flexible working patterns for those who need it, and staying open-minded and educated when it comes to female health.
  • Encouraging retention and recruitment, giving equal opportunities to women from a variety of backgrounds, encouraging them to bring their own flair to the team.
  • We’re actively creating social opportunities through office socials, where both men and women have been given equal opportunities to make suggestions and play active roles.
  • We’re offering mentorship and support in every role.
  • We’re encouraging all staff to express their creativity through imputing into enhancing the workspace and in celebrating special events.
  • Continuously learning and understanding the best ways to support the needs of women in our team.


We hope to see more inclusivity within the technology industry, and we encourage everyone to consider gender equity within their workplace. As a company who value community, we endeavour to promote equality and put measures in place to enable women to thrive and develop within the sector alongside their male counterparts.

Thank you to all of our incredible women at Spike who add so much to the team as a whole – bringing their drive, flair, creativity, and much more!

Keep an eye out for our #IWD Spotlights across on our social media channels where we will be showcasing and celebrating our female team!