Case Study

Fizzy Living – Case Study

Objective at start of 2020

To increase resident engagement and community outreach, to create a larger sense of community across their developments.

Fizzy Living worked hard alongside Spike Community Engagement Team in the first quarter of 2020 to strengthen their Community Strategy across all seven of their buildings. This strategy was then translated into monthly tactical Engagement Plans. These plans offered insights into key dates, content themes, club and forum ideas, events and seasonal hooks. The content was chosen specifically for their residents. The team then met with Fizzy Living at the end of each month to discuss results and suggest improvements. This measured approach resulted in the following:

  • Registered users – 72% across all seven buildings
  • App usage – an average of 21% growth per month over a four month period across seven buildings
  • Social engagement (forums and clubs) – an average growth of 35% increase in engagement across a four month period (this four month period was also across the Covid-19 pandemic)

Testimonial – “Fizzy Living’s resident app was rolled out in 2018 to our portfolio of seven Build-to-rent schemes across London. Since its launch we have gained an average of 70% usage of the app across buildings. The app provides our residents with the ability to build a strong sense of community.
The App also allows our residents the benefit of being able to easily report repairs & maintenance issues, which helps Fizzy to track and improve response times through the streamlining of this process.  We are also able to share communications across all buildings for events or announcements, in a quick and efficient manner. “Harry Downes, Managing Director, Fizzy Living