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Spike joins forces with The James to offer modern living at the touch of a button

When new build-to-rent brand The James opens its doors in Liverpool this week, 100 fully-furnished apartments will be filling up with new tenants, all looking to settle in and feel at home – a process that will be much easier thanks to its partnership with Spike Global.

The innovative resident engagement and building management software provider has worked with The James to create a white-labelled version of its revolutionary end-to-end tenancy management software solution Spike Lettings and resident engagement app Spike Living that have been tailored perfectly to the needs of residents at the luxury hotel-style residence in James Street. 

Spike Lettings allows prospective tenants to easily browse and find available apartments online, make an initial enquiry, and progress through the reservation stage, all the way through to moving in. Once in, Spike Living provides new tenants with one simple, intuitive app, allowing them to communicate with the management and with each other – making life easier in a multitude of ways. From booking laundry services, reporting a maintenance issue or checking if the concierge has received a parcel, the app makes routine communication quick and easy. Not that it’s just for the practical things in life – The James’ residents’ app also has the potential to help tenants make friends, find activities and get to know their neighbours, whether that’s in the virtual world or the real one.

At The James, apartments will be let for periods of just a few days or weeks, or for the long term, which means that there will be all kinds of residents moving in and out, looking to hit the ground running in terms of their social life. With a set-up that is designed so that tenants can live, work and socialise on site, having a truly localised way of meeting like-minded people will be more important than ever – and Spike Global’s app, Spike Living, is streets ahead of social media options such as Facebook and Nextdoor, which find it hard to keep out spammers and strangers. As The James’ residents’ app will be downloadable solely by residents at The James, it builds a genuinely safe and local community at the same time providing practical help such as being able to easily view tenancy agreements or check when rent payments are due.

We spoke with one of the Founders who explained why they have chosen Spike Global to provide the app for the new venture: “Our brand is very much rooted in stress-free, self-contained luxury living – when people move in with us they have everything they need, right down to crockery and cutlery – so we needed software that would provide a similarly high-quality and comprehensive service.”

“We use the Spike Lettings software to help get our tenants on board, and are confident that the Spike Living app will support them as they settle in. In many ways, renting with us is like living in a five star hotel, with all the amenities available at the touch of a button. We developed The James, which will also be launching in Manchester and Sheffield in the near future, because we wanted to bridge the gap between the tenant and the landlord – a relationship that is often broken and lacking in trust in the traditional rental market. At our properties, The James brand is the landlord – one that is always available and ready to take action thanks to Spike Living.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike Global, comments: “The strength of Spike Lettings and Spike Living is the extent to which they can be personalised for every client, providing a building and community-specific experience, tailored exactly to the facilities and options that are available. We not only create a unique platform for our clients, but we also provide dedicated back-up and support every step of the way. We are delighted to be working with The James, and we know it will help tenants there to settle in, liaise with their landlord and find their place in the community with ease.”prospective

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New Spike Platform Enhances Customer Experience for The Crown Estate

Partnering with innovative resident engagement and building management software provider Spike Global, The Crown Estate has implemented an end-to-end residential portal at its latest development Morley House on Regent Street in London’s West End. The new software provides a complete property communication and management solution for residents at the 44-apartment residence.

Spike Global has worked closely with Morley House to create a bespoke version of its resident engagement app Spike Living, specifically tailored to the needs of residents. Opening up communication lines between the resident and management, the app further enhances the lifestyle available at the development, whilst serving as a convenient central place for resident’s everyday needs.

Morley House offers apartments to rent with hotel-style amenities, accessible via the new residents’ portal. The app is designed to create a sense of community, with  residents able to book services including the residents’ lounge and screening room, access a 24-hour concierge/security at the touch of a button, handle maintenance issues, view information updates and notifications, such as fire safety procedures and residents’ manuals, as well manage their car club membership.

The app also enables residents to access partner promotions, while an integrated partnership with PingLocker allows them to book apartment cleaning services and beauty treatments in the local area.

Charlotte Moss, Asset Manager at The Crown Estate, comments: “The Morley House residents’ app has been well received, not only by the residents, who have the convenience of accessing a wide range of services from their mobile device, but also by the concierge and management team.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike Global, comments: “In working with the team at The Crown Estate, our focus has been on implementing a platform that truly puts luxury lifestyle at the heart of the residence’s operations. With such a wide range of amenities and services available to residents it was important for us to implement a seamless communication tool while enhancing the high-end user experience. We are delighted to be working with Morley House and we hope residents will feel connected, cared for and valued in their homes.”

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Portico enhances workforce wellbeing with award-winning Spike Global partnership

Professional services company Portico has seen a significant increase in employee satisfaction and engagement in the past eight months since implementing award-winning software to support remote and furloughed staff. With plans still on hold for a mass return to the workplace for many companies, technology is bringing employees together, keeping them connected and allowing a more flexible working landscape.

Aimed at the business, residential and property sectors, Portico manages, mobilises and enhances guest services across the UK & Ireland. Partnering with Spike Global, Portico has created Heartbeat, an employee engagement app, which recently won a 2021 Employee Experience Award, celebrating the organisations, people, and initiatives that serve to improve the working environment. The app was commended for its positive impact on staff wellbeing and culture.

Spike Workplace was the software chosen to create Heartbeat, a staff portal tailored to Portico’s specific needs and objectives, and designed to connect its employees located throughout the UK and Ireland. The app not only streamlines working practices, but also promotes a connected staff culture, particularly during the pandemic while 70 per cent of its 800 employees were on furlough.

Prior to the pandemic, Portico would regularly engage and connect with staff at social events, during company forums, via team meetings and team talks, and using email to share information, updates and news. Within days of the lockdown many had no way to connect with their colleagues without access to their work platforms.

As the lockdowns continued, temporary measures were implemented to drive engagement, however the company believed a longer-term solution was needed to build on the new remote community culture whilst also delivering additional value to staff and the business. Portico’s strategic aim was to enhance its community ethos with the ability for people to talk to one another and form meaningful connections despite many being unable to access their regular email platform.

Portico worked closely with Spike’s dedicated team to create a white-labelled application, which offers an array of functions such as promoting social groups and company forums, sharing information about company events, and providing key announcements and news.

Since implementing the app, 75 per cent of staff are now using the platform, with 50 per cent connecting at least once a day. Portico’s recent Pandemic survey showed that 98 per cent of staff said Portico employed effective communications systems for keeping staff connected and informed, while 95 per cent said that Portico’s communication channels and tools are engaging.

Amanda Kay, Director, Business Development at Portico, said: “We take a people-first approach to business, and engagement in our brand and our values are fundamental to our success. In our experience, having an engaged workforce positively impacts teamwork, pride and personal ownership. We worked with Spike Global to ensure our teams felt connected to Portico on a personal level, to create meaningful relationships with their colleagues and to live our values every day. Since the launch we have had excellent feedback from our staff members and real engagement in the forums and social groups, which we have created on the platform.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO at Spike Global, said: “Meaningful technology that keeps people connected has come into its own during the pandemic. With many employees working remotely or furloughed, we work with companies to ensure they are at the forefront of communications with their staff and that employee wellbeing is prioritised. We are immensely proud of the app we have delivered with Portico, and its success at the recent Employee Engagement Awards is testament to this.”

Learn more about Spike Workplace by downloading our brochure below.

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Spike Living: Iliad Homes

Iliad teams up with Spike Global to create state-of-the-art Resident App for residents of new housing development 

Iliad Homes, a subsidiary of Liverpool-based property developer Iliad, has signed to launch a Spike Living resident platform, exclusively for residents of their forthcoming build-to-rent residential development, The Eight. 

The app allows residents in the 120 apartment complex to communicate directly with the management team, it includes neighbourhood watch style information bulletin, details on community and social events organised by Iliad Homes teams or in the wider local area, and easy-to-use reporting and support services. 

Billed as the future in build-to-rent residential developments, The Eight’s connectivity app will provide its users with a forum to report defects or maintenance, have access to amenities and stay up-to-date with exclusive residents promotions.

The Eight is a contemporary new residential complex which is due to open in July. The development has so far seen incredible uptake with a third of the building pre-let just six weeks after its launch. 

James Chan, General Manager at Iliad Homes, said:

“We are all tremendously excited to launch the smartphone app which will be pioneering for a residential development in Liverpool.

“We believe that it adds extra value to the development and will help build a thriving community and allow a seamless relationship between residents and building managers.

“The introduction of this technology to the day-to-day management of The Eight will significantly improve efficiency and increase the services we are able to offer to our residents, creating a much more enjoyable living experience.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike Living adds

“We’re delighted to have Iliad Homes on-board as a customer. Connectivity has never been more important and we look forward to seeing The Eights’ community go from strength to strength.”

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Spike Workplace Launch: Portico

Portico, a leading guest relations and concierge company with more than 800 staff members dotted across 120 locations throughout the UK and Ireland, have launched a Spike Workplace app. The firm wanted to launch an engagement platform linked to its own systems that connected its entire workforce. The portal acts as a platform for communicating company updates, events and initiatives. 

Portico Spike Global App

Amanda Baber, Director, Business Development at Portico, said: We had already planned to launch our engagement app in 2020 prior to the pandemic, which made it even more important for us to connect with our people, who were working at home, in the office or furloughed. In a short space of time, we are already receiving hugely positive feedback from our staff members and real engagement in the forums and social groups, which we have created on the platform. We plan to add additional functionality to our app to further embed a culture that empowers our people.”

Spike looks forward to working with Portico to continue this success. 

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Resident portal touch-less solution: Pocket Living

Pocket Living, a London-based property developer that offers well-designed and affordable homes to local first-time buyers, uses Spike Global’s app-based software, Spike Living, to provide residents at its developments with a touch-less property management service. Pocket Living also use the resident portal to connect their residents to one another, using the software to build community and encourage social interaction within their developments. 



Without the need for on-site staff, the experience is completely digital and Covid-safe. Residents are able to submit general enquiries via the app. This could be anything from advice about a local service to an issue in their home. 

Requests are directed straight through to the back-office management system where the query is logged and categorised. Staff can then reply to the query, copy in a contractor, mark as resolved or ask for more information. All communication happens through the system and goes directly to the resident app. The sophisticated system means all queries generated can be tracked, logged and analysed depending on the need of the building operator.

The software increases efficiencies and optimises workflows, empowering Pocket Living to deliver a premium customer service to their residents.

“Keeping our residents connected via the app has proved invaluable during recent times. The app has enabled us to continue to build successful communities whilst providing a simple, digital solution to raise any queries that residents may have about their home.” 

Lorna Evans, Head of Customer Experience at Pocket Living.  

Creating a buzzing community 

Alongside the practical elements of a touch-less solution, the portal also keeps Pocket residents connected to each other. Pocket’s portal supports social interaction and community building through clubs and forums. Residents can find like-minded residents and chat with neighbours, or reach out for support, from the palm of their hands. 

To find out more about how Spike could help your business, simply submit the form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Case Study

Fizzy Living – Case Study

Objective at start of 2020

To increase resident engagement and community outreach, to create a larger sense of community across their developments.

Fizzy Living worked hard alongside Spike Community Engagement Team in the first quarter of 2020 to strengthen their Community Strategy across all seven of their buildings. This strategy was then translated into monthly tactical Engagement Plans. These plans offered insights into key dates, content themes, club and forum ideas, events and seasonal hooks. The content was chosen specifically for their residents. The team then met with Fizzy Living at the end of each month to discuss results and suggest improvements. This measured approach resulted in the following:

  • Registered users – 72% across all seven buildings
  • App usage – an average of 21% growth per month over a four month period across seven buildings
  • Social engagement (forums and clubs) – an average growth of 35% increase in engagement across a four month period (this four month period was also across the Covid-19 pandemic)

Testimonial – “Fizzy Living’s resident app was rolled out in 2018 to our portfolio of seven Build-to-rent schemes across London. Since its launch we have gained an average of 70% usage of the app across buildings. The app provides our residents with the ability to build a strong sense of community.
The App also allows our residents the benefit of being able to easily report repairs & maintenance issues, which helps Fizzy to track and improve response times through the streamlining of this process.  We are also able to share communications across all buildings for events or announcements, in a quick and efficient manner. “Harry Downes, Managing Director, Fizzy Living